Tuesday, December 7, 2010

groove it yo' groove it...!

When you leave something "cute" such as a strawberry 'headphones/earmuffs' in the hands of a bunch of girls...


Thursday, December 2, 2010


i've got loving parents with very high expectations,
i've got ignorant but caring brothers,
i've got a new bunch of groupmates that constantly put that smile on my face and make me laugh so hard at times,
i've got guy groupmates who are like the most gentleman guys in the world,
i've got random morning class breakfast,
i've got a brand new fridge, and a huge one that is,
i've got a reli awesome cool place to live in,
i've got my own space, my own little world,
i've got a new fetish for trying out new recipes,
i've got a crazy,spunky roomie,
i've got crazy,lovely homies,
i've got cool friends around me, and all over the world,
i've got an awesome brown satchel,
i've got my own pair of brown brogues,
i've got a canon 50D,
i've got my itouch that constantly plays songs that get me on the go,
i've got comfy transportations to take me from my home to class in this blardy cold weather,
i've got random coffee sessions,
i've got a whole long list of x'mas shopping to do,
i've got my ticket to fly home for winter hols,
i've got lotsa makan-makan sessions coming up,
i've got yummy cupcakes and muffins at times,
i've got hot hot coffee in the mornings,
i've got refreshing morning prayer sessions,
i've a month more before i'm braces-free,
i've got a heart that can now beat normally,
i've got a body that is able to breath freely finally,
i've got my bestie-sister with me,
i've got my brothers and sisters of koinonia with me,
i've got YOU (yes, u! u, who r reading this!),
i've got the LORD JESUS with me!
how else more can i be blessed?
yes, i do feel blessed. i really am blessed.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

what a calamity~

Dad yells "You're weak, you're very emotional and you have no confidence!", and mum says "All the things that u do are never right"...
dumbfounded with 2 eyes wide wide open...2 sentences that constantly rings at the back of my head either to build me or to break me...feels as if i'm a person that can never do something right despite the simpliest things no matter how much i try to change...

To be disappointed in myself or to be disappointed that i've not been given a chance to prove myself?

The feeling of being a calamity to others is eating me alive...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

...HO CHIAK!!!

Haha, another flyer that i manage to create (with of coz some help and creative ideas from jenna foooooooo).

Gosh, manager, u look sooo cuttee...lol...and i just can't take my eyes off the flyer haha...and i'm sure it has the same effect to others as well...haha...(oh, and yes, i've made u extra FAMOUS in volgo already ;))

Ok, people...hurry and place your orders now!!! *wink*

Saturday, November 13, 2010

some love to share?

Needs a lil' dose of some loving...just a lil' more will do...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

pictures paint a thousand words...at least i do think so

Just like in the music industry, u find different genres of music,
and just like in the food industry, different chefs recreate different tastes, different textures, different aromas.
Same goes for photography. Anyone can hold a camera, but each photographer takes different kinds of pictures. Different shots tell a different story, and i find myself resorting/trying to take pictures that do speak to the viewer...the picture that potrays the fun, the joy and the true expressions. I wanna capture that laughter, that giggle, that hit, that stare, that hug, that true meaningful kiss...

So all in all, i'm just a candid photographer...(at least i'm learning or trying to be one, haha)

enjoy my pictures on fb!! ^ ^

ps : this is a random post after having too much laughter for a night *wink*

thanks jenna ~*hearts*

Thursday, November 4, 2010


it's hard sometimes, to accept certain things that has occurred,
it's hard sometimes, to let go of someone whom you thought would have been the right one for you,
it's hard sometimes, to accept what others think of you,
it's hard sometimes, to put on that smiley face,
it's hard sometimes, to just let go of that ol' ol' friendship despite all the trouble it brings,
it's hard sometimes, to give up on certain things though you've tried your level best to,
it's hard sometimes, to resist temptations,
it's hard sometimes, to not be a hypocrite,
it's hard sometimes, to be nice,
it's hard sometimes, to just accept, forgive and forget,
it's hard sometimes, to just shut up and let time does its healing,
it's hard sometimes, to satisfy everyone so your ass isn't on the chopping block,
it's hard sometimes, to make you understand,
it's hard sometimes, to make myself understand,
it's hard sometimes, to understand who i've become,
it's so hard now, for me to trust anyone and just no one......

Sunday, October 17, 2010

what was i thinking?

I thought i had overcome all there was to overcome,
but there's still more left to overcome...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well, ever since i've stepped onto mother Russia's ground...everything seems to be in a changing motion...true, that with changes, only one can grow...( well depends if its a good change or a bad one in my own opinion lah~) and in this case...i guess God has placed me in this position for a certain reason and for a certain purpose...

Coming back to Volgograd, knowing that the boy wasn't gonna be here was tough at first (and bu, I still do miss yoouuu... )but knowing that there are some awesome friends who are still around, yes YOU (if u think you are la~ hekz) life isn't as bad and i still have that smile on my face most of the time...=)

From group thirty-7 to group forty-8...yes, i've been "chased out" (haha, by the dekanat people for no apparent reason) of my ol' group and have been placed into a new one...

and now, yes,i'l proudly say that i'm from the last group that's gonna go up on stage on graduation day and will be the very LAST person in my batch to step on that stage to receive my scroll...Damn, now my parents will be thinking i'm such a screwed up student being the last to go up...(knowing how parents think..-_-")

Anyways, was suffering from constant dizziness which became so bad at one point...hah, and thinking back on how i approached this disorder only made me feel like a pure fool...instead of relying on pure faith that there should be no big of a deal and just head to the polyclinic for a checkup i was like chasing a blardy chicken around d whole kampung...running to the ENT specialist, to the NEUROLOGIST...yes call me a fool or whatever u want to but of coz i'm scared knowing that i am at risk for suffering something more severe...nvm, if u dun get wat i mean...well, after a friend told me to just start again for the beginning...and that's when i finally gave up worrying and gave it up to the Lord to just take full control...so with the previous blood test(yes, stupid clinic people didn't bother to call us sick people up to say that there's a problem); preliminary diagnose = iron-deficiency anemia....BODOH...haha....
Will be collecting the latest results in a few hours time...and hope its just that n' nothing more serious..

M' on pomegranate juice and iron supplements for now...for the next tiga bulan...and my stool is blardy hitam!! hahahaha...

Haven't been going out to take photos...the baby is just sitting on my shelf collecting dusts...wth...

Been hooked on to korean series like nobody's business...for less than 2 months, i've already finished three long long korean series...talking bout someone who never really likes korean series once...aih~

Have found my 'sassy-gay-fren'...hahaha...

Being apathetic to a certain few things...eh, i'm gonna start living my life and not let YOU (who has caused me 7-ty five percent of my stress level) influence my life anymoreee....

Has a newbie/buddy under my wings now...one who spends moolah like nobody's business...yes, i'm scared now.

M' so into ZEE AVI at the moment....omgggggg....how can u not lurve her...

N' yes you people, i AM eating more MEAT!! =)

Wants to start exercising and not merely just my fingers....-_-

Really really hates my laptop real bad now...!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

moving on to the next....

the end of my first cycle of the semester...

ok it was suppose to look like the drawing of a dead body on the ground guess it din turn out that way -_-"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i love...

i love stoning in front of my laptop screen even when i know i have loads of things to do,

i love photography, no doubt, but my pictures always lacks that umph,

i love wearing 2 layers, but i've only a few months more to be able to wear that way,

i love high heels, but due to my deformity, most of the time i can't find the right ones,

i love colorful sneakers, but is there such a thing as owning too many of the same kind?

i love empty notebooks with cool covers, but all i get here are colorful, kididy-ish covers with squarebox pages (like ur mathematics exercise books)

i love cool funky huge rings, but i can't seem to find any that fits my fingers well,

i love staring at a whole shelf of perencah at the supermarket even though there's no purpose to it,

i love having tonnes of stocked-up breakfast-food in my shelf coz i can't stand having the same breakfast everyday,

i love to have another small digital camera, but people dun seem to understand the purpose of it,

i love to NOT want a new phone, but my phone is slowly killing me,

i love a new laptop as the current one is making a hell-load of rattling sounds,

i love staring blankly at the whole shelf of coffee and tea at the supermarket,

i love those evening walks,

i love those cheap 9rubles popsicles,

i love having hot hot coffee early in the mornings, sometimes after dinner,

i love having drinks with some close friends, just to sit, chat and chill,

i love staring at old couples holding hands walking in the park,

i love hugs when i'm down, but that hug is 4,414 miles away,

i love you to first hear me out before blasting into a rage,

i love calling home everyday just to know you're safe and well,

i love surprises,

i love it when you give me credits i deserve,

i love to have that smile constantly on my face, but yes, i do have my mood swings,

i love to dress up, but i have very limited fashion items,

i love having a long long list of things to buy,

i love to mumble and grumble most of the time, i don't know why,

i love to see that you care,

i still love you even though you're so far away,

i still love you even though you're so freaking fake the whole world knows it,

i love you to come and experience that one true love that i do, but are you willing to open your heart to experience it too?

i love to hear you say i love you but does it really give away the true meaning even though you said it too often?

i love you to love me, but people still do judge you no matter what,

i love you to understand my isi-tersirat, but do you??

i just love it when you waste some of your precious time listening to my rantings...=)

gud nite~

Sunday, September 12, 2010


i am in a melancholic state...so shoot me!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dusted and ready to go...=p

*dust dust* *pooh*

Ok, i know that the blog has been abandoned ever since the end of my last paper...haha...see!! when u have all the time in the world to do things like blog, go out and take photos, do watever nonsense...you won't feel like doing...but everything seems to be an inspiration especially during the exam periods...-_-"

Well, i'm finally home...short one this time...but i'm not complaining...it'll be my final year soon and i'm just waiting to get it over with! *bah*

Been occupying myself with things to do since its a lil boring at home...d boy is away at national service (getting a lot of recognition from the people there coz he's a doctor...-_-"). Oh and him appearing in the Utusan Melayu regarding his participation...which the reporter wrote nothing but just pure bullshit in that article. Forgive me for my words but its just ridiculous on how you can compose such "wonderful" piece of utmost disgusting story for the nation to read. Apparently the boy told me that he did NOT even mention anything of what was written in that article. haha...who's surprise??

Most of me buddies are still away and partially coz i'm a little lazy to head out...but when i wana go out so badly there's no kaki to go with...pfft...talk bout "good brothers" that i have...tsk!

A junior of mine from uni passed away...and i'm deeply sadden by it...i was tongue tied...not knowing what to say to a good friend of mine who was at the incident and to see poor Prapa just drown in the Volga right in front of her...Prapa, i may have not known you well, but i do know that you're an amazing individual, one that everyone looks up to...and i regret for not getting to know you better. I'm glad that you're in a much better place now and i'll continue to pray for you and your family and friends =').

Was back home in SEKINCHAN during the weekends...took the new babe for a test drive around the paddy fields, and the fishing village...(you be the judge and tell me how the pics are aight =)) something really new, and am still not used to the 'multi-function' features that it has...haha...practice babeh practice and i'll get the hang of it~ oh yea~ but even to practice, hell, i need to get my lazy arse out of the house...so sayang!! i'm waiting for you to get to my place fasstttt!!!! LOL...

Wth...it was raining...and i ran to get the laundry in from the rain...and wth...i think i just had d utmost embarassing moment of my life...i ran, slipped and crash into the gate with a huge loud bang!!! and what's worse...IN FRONT OF THE FOREIGN WORKERS who are working in the house next to mine...-_- arrggghhhhh....

aih, and now to tend to the bruises...-_-""

Thursday, July 1, 2010

mixed feelings

Woohoo!!! i'm finally free after a whole month...yes, 30 days of mind cramming, energy wasting and mood swinging sessions...bah!! its all over !! I'm finally a 6th year student!!! Time just pass so quickly!! Seems like it was just last year that i arrived in volgograd, and poof...in a wink of an eye i'm already one step closer into the working world.

Well, as promised, the boy did bring me on a shopping spreeeeeee...=) got myself a skirt (wow!), a dress (lagi wow!) and a top...all from the boy...*muax* (ok, 'wow' sebab...well to those who know me well, Cherrie doesn't usually search or choose or hunt clothings like those while shopping...so yea...).

I'm still stuck in Volgograd (stupid russians!!). I'll be here till the 17th where after rushing to finish the ambulance exam, i'll be headed straight to the train station to catch the 5pm train to Moscow and then the next day to Bangkok and then its HOME SWEET HOME...see, so near yet so far...urgh!!

Truth be told, i'm not 100% the cheerful self of mine...though i may seem just like it in front of everybody. Never has my tear ducts been this active before for the past few days...The boy has left for home just this evening...I know that i'm not exactly the "clingy" kind...but to know that his presence won't be there 24/7 kinda sucks... I won't have anyone to hear my stupid complains, to tend to my stupid lame-o questions, to bear with just me coz i'm such a nuisance and a miserable individual...-_-", no more big huge smile in bed when i wake up on the weekends, no more evening walks, no more big hugs, no more racket-ball sessions in the evening (no one to push my swing too!!! haha). It has just been 5 hours since he left, and i'm already missing him alot...thoughts of all the fun times we had, all the silly things he did, and the times he pissed me off kept running through my head all the time...and only brings tears to my eyes...wth...ok, i shall stop being all softy now...cis!

Stupid national service...if it wasn't for you i would be able to spend time with the boy during my summer...grrr...

Anyways, on a happier note...i'm looking forward to more dinners, paintball, water-gun fights, bowling sessions and minum sessions...=) oh, yeshhh....

Sigh...i just got a sms from the boy.... Oh Cherrie, stop tearing already!! ish~

Darl, I miss you~

Monday, June 28, 2010

temptations *drools drools*

AARRGGGHHHHH...just when i'm struggling to sumbat every little detail about each little creature...be it the worms, the mosquitoes, or the virus...ZARA & TOPSHOP had to go on a massive cccrraazzziieee SALE!!!! 50% OFF BABEH!!!! How can you not ARRRGGHH to that you tell me...just tell me...Even a friend of mine was so tempted to get out of her seat and head to the mall that very moment i told her about it...

OH, infectious diseases...look what you've done to us!!!

Nevertheless, the boy has promised to take me on a shopping spreeeeeeee after the final paper...*sayangs* Woohoo...and that has definitely given me more ummph to read...right, so BACK TO THE BLARRRDDDYYY BOOOKKKSSSSS!!!!!

*chants names of helminths and viruses and bacterias....RABIES!!! *

Sunday, June 27, 2010


The alarm rang at 7am sharp this morning. I quickly reach out to the phone to switch off the alarm, afraid that i'll wake the roomie up...As usual, i snoozed the phone...and only got up half an hour later. Said a small prayer and then slowly dragged myself out of bed and wibbly-wobbly walked to the bathroom to clean up. As i entered the room...I was taken aback by d' roomie's sleeping position -_-""


Ok, I think its the exam stress that has already accumulated in my teeny-tiny worn out brain, ever since the 1st of JUNE!! Amazingly...i'm done with russian, i'm done with suturings and operation methods and names of surgeons, i'm done with broken arms and legs, dislocations and subluxations of joints, i'm done with signs and symptoms of diseases and their treatments.

...and now i'm left with VIRUSES, BACTERIAS, MOSQUITOES, WORMS....PINWORMS, TAPEWORMS, ROUNDWORMS, FLATWORMS...LIFE CYCLES, LIFE CYCLES AND WORST STILL EPIDEMIOLOGY.... gudness, what a way to end the whole dreaded month with...-_-"

Friday, June 25, 2010

you're a DOC beau...

*ahem ahem*

congrats darl...hope u like the gift...*wink*

Sunday, June 20, 2010

d 5th un-celebrated father's day...

I use to remember those times when my brothers and i were younger, and when either mother's day or father's day was around the corner, we would be rushing to nearest shopping malls to buy gifts and all. Seems mother's day gifts were a much easier task to settle rather then the father's day ones...why?

1. Dad has practically everything.
2. Dad doesn't need much or more like the things he needs or wants are things that we are somehow not able to get
3. Dad complains of us spending money on simple things that he won't use and that the money we use are still his money...-_-""

Well, all that changed when i came to Russia, sad to say that father's day (or mother's day) is no longer celebrated in my family. More like even the wishing part doesn't even take place (from my brothers la...). Sometimes i blame myself for not encouraging my brothers...and sometimes i blame my dad for not trying to be close to my brothers...

Pa, I've always looked up to you. Ever since young...(ok, maybe when i was much much younger i've always looked up to uncle ben coz he was a doctor and i wanted to be one...haha) I've always wanted to be like you...to be as friendly as you are, to be good in everything you do, to be confident, to be a leader...but, as i recall, as a kid, i've never like speaking to you as you were so quick to anger, and you never really bother to hear us out before giving us a chance to explain things, how you yelled at me and how you've always canned me (yes, i was a naughty kid....believe it!) leaving behind those cane marks which made me hated u even more...

But as i get older, i thought back and wondered...what would happen if you did not "bless" me with those yellings, with those cannings...i would probably end up as one of those ah-lians speaking without manners, acting like there's nobody else in this world to give a crap about, and being a self-centered, self-fish lil bastard...and for that, i thank you so so much. Because of you i am who i am today, i am where i am today.

You're an awesome dad, pa!! ( putting aside your temper, your anger, and you constantly putting your friends first before your family la!! cis! )

Pa, i know that you always want the best for me. Thank you for showering me your love, your care, and your constant reminder to be a woman with dignity and of class. Thank you for always getting me things that i want (tho i noe that there's always a limit to all things). I know that deep down in my heart, i'm still your little girl =) (besides, I'm a gadget girl now because of you too, lol)

Dad, I love you and I promise to be the daughter that will make you proud...


Saturday, June 19, 2010

only 2 down...-_-""

Seems like the days goes by slower when it comes to the exams...(not that i'm hating it as i need extra time to read stuff...-_-"") and i'm so tired of it....only 2 down....3 more to go...and i feel like its taking forever and ever to get it over with!!

With the boy finishing his "government" exam and is officially a doctor already(and he keeps rubbing it in my face...wth!!), the crazy weather (it was so freaking hot to study once and now its so cooling and comfy to not study), my almost drained-out level of energy, head spinning, eye hurting, mood swinging, lotsa thinking, lotsa planning, lotsa worrying....is making me just not wanna study!!! (boleh baca, tak nak. tak nak baca pulak tak boleh...sebab rasa bersalah pulak...*bodoh*)

Lotsa things had been happening for the past few days. Am not in talking terms with the bestie, a fren's dad passed away, another fren's mum is suffering from cancer and just lapsed into a coma, mum isn't replying my sms-es (coz she's just too lazy to -_-"), just found out that the boy had to attend his national service thing when he gets back home (meaning i don't get to see him during my summer hols!!!) loosing my appetite (which has always been that way during exams),being lonely coz there's no one to chat with online...and yes i'm just dead "bored". Feels like as though i have no life besides getting up each morning, make my coffee, sit, face my books, facebook, then nap, then get up, facebook, face my books, makan, facebook, face my books, mandi, face d books again, tidur, and d whole cycle repeats again the very next day...and this is gona go on till the 30th!!


Anyways, i have trauma exam for the next paper...i'm just hoping to get pass it ASAP!! grrr...

(d lovely mug from 2 close buddies from college............dang i miss college!!)

aih, belajar-lah cherrie oi!! belajar-lah!!

talipes...talipes....equina varus, varus, valgus, hallux valgus...........

ps: I can't wait to start snapping pics again during the boy's graduation!!! May that day come faster!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

down with the REDBULL....

With the redbull, and the 'waka waka' song...hopefully i'll pull through surgery....

(I'm not prepared to meet the "real bull", in fact i dun wanna meet him!!
Hope he doesn't run me over during the exams...aish!!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010