Monday, June 28, 2010

temptations *drools drools*

AARRGGGHHHHH...just when i'm struggling to sumbat every little detail about each little it the worms, the mosquitoes, or the virus...ZARA & TOPSHOP had to go on a massive cccrraazzziieee SALE!!!! 50% OFF BABEH!!!! How can you not ARRRGGHH to that you tell me...just tell me...Even a friend of mine was so tempted to get out of her seat and head to the mall that very moment i told her about it...

OH, infectious diseases...look what you've done to us!!!

Nevertheless, the boy has promised to take me on a shopping spreeeeeeee after the final paper...*sayangs* Woohoo...and that has definitely given me more ummph to read...right, so BACK TO THE BLARRRDDDYYY BOOOKKKSSSSS!!!!!

*chants names of helminths and viruses and bacterias....RABIES!!! *

Sunday, June 27, 2010


The alarm rang at 7am sharp this morning. I quickly reach out to the phone to switch off the alarm, afraid that i'll wake the roomie up...As usual, i snoozed the phone...and only got up half an hour later. Said a small prayer and then slowly dragged myself out of bed and wibbly-wobbly walked to the bathroom to clean up. As i entered the room...I was taken aback by d' roomie's sleeping position -_-""


Ok, I think its the exam stress that has already accumulated in my teeny-tiny worn out brain, ever since the 1st of JUNE!! Amazingly...i'm done with russian, i'm done with suturings and operation methods and names of surgeons, i'm done with broken arms and legs, dislocations and subluxations of joints, i'm done with signs and symptoms of diseases and their treatments.

...and now i'm left with VIRUSES, BACTERIAS, MOSQUITOES, WORMS....PINWORMS, TAPEWORMS, ROUNDWORMS, FLATWORMS...LIFE CYCLES, LIFE CYCLES AND WORST STILL EPIDEMIOLOGY.... gudness, what a way to end the whole dreaded month with...-_-"

Friday, June 25, 2010

you're a DOC beau...

*ahem ahem*

congrats darl...hope u like the gift...*wink*

Sunday, June 20, 2010

d 5th un-celebrated father's day...

I use to remember those times when my brothers and i were younger, and when either mother's day or father's day was around the corner, we would be rushing to nearest shopping malls to buy gifts and all. Seems mother's day gifts were a much easier task to settle rather then the father's day ones...why?

1. Dad has practically everything.
2. Dad doesn't need much or more like the things he needs or wants are things that we are somehow not able to get
3. Dad complains of us spending money on simple things that he won't use and that the money we use are still his money...-_-""

Well, all that changed when i came to Russia, sad to say that father's day (or mother's day) is no longer celebrated in my family. More like even the wishing part doesn't even take place (from my brothers la...). Sometimes i blame myself for not encouraging my brothers...and sometimes i blame my dad for not trying to be close to my brothers...

Pa, I've always looked up to you. Ever since young...(ok, maybe when i was much much younger i've always looked up to uncle ben coz he was a doctor and i wanted to be one...haha) I've always wanted to be like be as friendly as you are, to be good in everything you do, to be confident, to be a leader...but, as i recall, as a kid, i've never like speaking to you as you were so quick to anger, and you never really bother to hear us out before giving us a chance to explain things, how you yelled at me and how you've always canned me (yes, i was a naughty kid....believe it!) leaving behind those cane marks which made me hated u even more...

But as i get older, i thought back and wondered...what would happen if you did not "bless" me with those yellings, with those cannings...i would probably end up as one of those ah-lians speaking without manners, acting like there's nobody else in this world to give a crap about, and being a self-centered, self-fish lil bastard...and for that, i thank you so so much. Because of you i am who i am today, i am where i am today.

You're an awesome dad, pa!! ( putting aside your temper, your anger, and you constantly putting your friends first before your family la!! cis! )

Pa, i know that you always want the best for me. Thank you for showering me your love, your care, and your constant reminder to be a woman with dignity and of class. Thank you for always getting me things that i want (tho i noe that there's always a limit to all things). I know that deep down in my heart, i'm still your little girl =) (besides, I'm a gadget girl now because of you too, lol)

Dad, I love you and I promise to be the daughter that will make you proud...


Saturday, June 19, 2010

only 2 down...-_-""

Seems like the days goes by slower when it comes to the exams...(not that i'm hating it as i need extra time to read stuff...-_-"") and i'm so tired of it....only 2 down....3 more to go...and i feel like its taking forever and ever to get it over with!!

With the boy finishing his "government" exam and is officially a doctor already(and he keeps rubbing it in my face...wth!!), the crazy weather (it was so freaking hot to study once and now its so cooling and comfy to not study), my almost drained-out level of energy, head spinning, eye hurting, mood swinging, lotsa thinking, lotsa planning, lotsa making me just not wanna study!!! (boleh baca, tak nak. tak nak baca pulak tak boleh...sebab rasa bersalah pulak...*bodoh*)

Lotsa things had been happening for the past few days. Am not in talking terms with the bestie, a fren's dad passed away, another fren's mum is suffering from cancer and just lapsed into a coma, mum isn't replying my sms-es (coz she's just too lazy to -_-"), just found out that the boy had to attend his national service thing when he gets back home (meaning i don't get to see him during my summer hols!!!) loosing my appetite (which has always been that way during exams),being lonely coz there's no one to chat with online...and yes i'm just dead "bored". Feels like as though i have no life besides getting up each morning, make my coffee, sit, face my books, facebook, then nap, then get up, facebook, face my books, makan, facebook, face my books, mandi, face d books again, tidur, and d whole cycle repeats again the very next day...and this is gona go on till the 30th!!


Anyways, i have trauma exam for the next paper...i'm just hoping to get pass it ASAP!! grrr...

(d lovely mug from 2 close buddies from college............dang i miss college!!)

aih, belajar-lah cherrie oi!! belajar-lah!!

talipes...talipes....equina varus, varus, valgus, hallux valgus...........

ps: I can't wait to start snapping pics again during the boy's graduation!!! May that day come faster!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

down with the REDBULL....

With the redbull, and the 'waka waka' song...hopefully i'll pull through surgery....

(I'm not prepared to meet the "real bull", in fact i dun wanna meet him!!
Hope he doesn't run me over during the exams...aish!!)