Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gappy Gappy 23rd birthday to the BF

As usual, all birthdays must be accompanied with the trashing of eggs...=p (Except mine of coz...coz u ppl can't be stealing my ideas or modifying for that matter...!!! hahah)

preparing the eggs...

watching survivor to "kill time" while chilling on some booze...

(but we were absolutely kind-hearted!! only 2 eggs!! cis! not enuf!)

Oh do check out the surprise birthday video on my facebook page...=P
(if you can withstand girly screamings and shoutings la yea~)

gifts from the group-mates and mua

d surprise party...

kesian birthday-girl kena hentam...

the princess (as quoted by somebody) and the mat-rempit...hahaha
(and i do not usually dress like this for all you people who have so huge doubts bout my dressing!!)

d' homies & wat we do "best"...

with the birthday DRESS....

To the BF, GAPPY GAPPY BIRTHDAY once again!! (for the gudness duno how many times...haha) STOP saying that you're OLD already coz that makes me OLD TOO (!!) for i do not want to be picturing myself being/feeling/looking old, like "somebody"...haha...*gudness i'm mean*. muahahaha...
May the good Lord continue to bless you more wisdom to help u make better decisions, more 'ka-ching' so you can go shopping and of coz shop for me too...heh heh...more cooking skills so you can make your homies nice nice muffins, nice nice cakes, and more mac&cheese...and of coz more Joy & Happiness in all that you do..=)

ANYWAYS, do not assume that the egg-trashing incident has ended...for again, i'm giving you another'l come without any notice...=P be prepared...muahahahaha....

And as much anticipation that you have for the next duno-who's upcoming birthday...I'll NOT BE HOME!!! heh heh...I'm serious!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

grp.37's CNY dinner...

Another reason for me to say that this year's CNY is definitely something different...

Finally, a proper CNY dinner with the groupmates, after wat fridging 4 years?? Yea, u guessed it right, this is the first CNY dinner we had together. Either we're just being lazy...or we're just being plain kiamsiap to chia people...haha...ok,i kid~

We had a 5-course meal, (not all pics of dishes are up la yea...blame the LOUD-BACTERIA...haha) some desserts, and superb yummy pao (made by our dearest Farah, though she wasn't suppose to be doing/baking/cooking/making anything...and she still did...hugs to you my dear)

the groupmates...

darren's 95% butter-prawn =p

black pepper chicken

lawrence's emperor chicken (marinated to perfection!)


the guys and their "mens-day" cake

haha, i lurve me


Well, all in all, it was a LOUD and tummy-filling party (i like!!)...
Despite having to put up to somebody's stupid black face (for-i-oh-duno-for-what-the-hell-the-reason-for) (wait...more like a-fudged-up attitude!!!), i've enjoyed the delicious food and definitely enjoyed parasiting onto the LOUD-BACTERIA's external flash....=p

the LOUD-BACTERIA..muahahaha...

Argh!! I so WANT and NEED an external flash now!! Dad, if u so happen to be reading this...I"M HINTING!!! =) haha...

**Mampus...aku kena mula DIET DIET DIET DIET DIET........**

*picture credits to the LOUD-BACTERIA's canon 1000D + his cybertik external flash*

Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY dinner no.2

AS promised, pics from the 2nd dinner with the house-gang...

More food, more laughter, more burning-of-pockets...=)

lifen's lo-sang

lifen's yummy apple pie as appetizer

jenna's tofu-masala


shuan's omelette

wengen's sweet honey pork

lifen's "deadly" cheesecake

tip of the day : when u're the host, alwis serve dessert to your guest, and you'll definitely win BIG MONEY in return!! =p SERIOUS!!

*picture credits to jenna foo's amazing canon s90*

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY dinner no.1

Pics from the first CNY steamboat dinner with the "house-gang" (compromised of members of 3 different houses)

guess which feet belongs to whom =P


Second dinner is coming up in less than 10 hours...more eating, more drinking,....Bring it on!!

More pics up then...=)

*picture credits to Jenna Foo's canon S90*

Saturday, February 13, 2010


happy to know that this year's chinese new year is pretty much different from all the chinese new years that i have had for the past 4 years...(massive steamboat tonight...woohoo!!)

hope to get more i can fulfill my wishes of getting the things on my end-less, on-going list of "necessities"...haha...(i so doubt though)

Anyways, wishing you all a prosperous, blessed, wonderful, woebegone-less, fat-filling, lotsa-drinking, lotsa-winnings, lotsa-angpow-"gettings", crazy, valentines, chinese new year!!!


Friday, February 12, 2010

on hold...

i'm waiting to take that leap,
to take that next step,
and once i take that step...

i'm never coming back

Thursday, February 11, 2010

what works?

picture taken at the Hampton Court, London

People say that chocolates and ice-creams are ones very best friend when ur temper hits you hard in the mind and soul...i beg to differ...after a toblerone, and some tiramisu ice-cream, i somehow feel a lot more worse.

What's my solution??

Was looking through my pictures that i've taken during my winter trip...and i just can't get my eyes off this pic...not boasting, not self-promoting...but hell, i've took so long to get a proper shot of this view...and i'm definitely satisfied with the outcome...what more to look at your own achievement and feel proud, feel satisfied, and to be reminded that there are somethings in life, which are worth living for.