Wednesday, September 15, 2010

moving on to the next....

the end of my first cycle of the semester...

ok it was suppose to look like the drawing of a dead body on the ground guess it din turn out that way -_-"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i love...

i love stoning in front of my laptop screen even when i know i have loads of things to do,

i love photography, no doubt, but my pictures always lacks that umph,

i love wearing 2 layers, but i've only a few months more to be able to wear that way,

i love high heels, but due to my deformity, most of the time i can't find the right ones,

i love colorful sneakers, but is there such a thing as owning too many of the same kind?

i love empty notebooks with cool covers, but all i get here are colorful, kididy-ish covers with squarebox pages (like ur mathematics exercise books)

i love cool funky huge rings, but i can't seem to find any that fits my fingers well,

i love staring at a whole shelf of perencah at the supermarket even though there's no purpose to it,

i love having tonnes of stocked-up breakfast-food in my shelf coz i can't stand having the same breakfast everyday,

i love to have another small digital camera, but people dun seem to understand the purpose of it,

i love to NOT want a new phone, but my phone is slowly killing me,

i love a new laptop as the current one is making a hell-load of rattling sounds,

i love staring blankly at the whole shelf of coffee and tea at the supermarket,

i love those evening walks,

i love those cheap 9rubles popsicles,

i love having hot hot coffee early in the mornings, sometimes after dinner,

i love having drinks with some close friends, just to sit, chat and chill,

i love staring at old couples holding hands walking in the park,

i love hugs when i'm down, but that hug is 4,414 miles away,

i love you to first hear me out before blasting into a rage,

i love calling home everyday just to know you're safe and well,

i love surprises,

i love it when you give me credits i deserve,

i love to have that smile constantly on my face, but yes, i do have my mood swings,

i love to dress up, but i have very limited fashion items,

i love having a long long list of things to buy,

i love to mumble and grumble most of the time, i don't know why,

i love to see that you care,

i still love you even though you're so far away,

i still love you even though you're so freaking fake the whole world knows it,

i love you to come and experience that one true love that i do, but are you willing to open your heart to experience it too?

i love to hear you say i love you but does it really give away the true meaning even though you said it too often?

i love you to love me, but people still do judge you no matter what,

i love you to understand my isi-tersirat, but do you??

i just love it when you waste some of your precious time listening to my rantings...=)

gud nite~

Sunday, September 12, 2010


i am in a melancholic shoot me!