Saturday, January 16, 2010

d' insomniac roomie...

trust me...its d' neurosis speaking...its the neuroaassstthhheenniiaaaa~~~~

at first i thought i was the only one suffering from this sleep disorder thing...apparently my roomie's having a much much tougher time then i am...

haven't slept a wink since ummm...yesterday's 11pm? tossing and turning in bed while slowly anticipating the ring of my alarm at 5am...she gets up all looking like a zombie...heads for psychiatry exam...gets her 5...heads home...did some tiny tiny workout...while sipping on a few tiny shot-cups of this creamy liquor...(i haf absolutely no idea how it tastes like...but i do noe it has a 15% alcohol content...right~)haha

after say about 1 and a half hour later, she gets up all looking frustrated...and so we decided to leave on some slow instrumental yiruma (he's a korean pianist aight ppl, and not me randomly puting my last name and a -ma there...) while she went back to sleep agaaain...

about an hour and a half again...i was woken up by this stupid nightmare i had...and only to see my insomnic roomie all frustrated storming out of the room...(and no i did not make any funny noises to disturb her sleep whatsoever) "manage to sleep this time round??" i asked. "not even a wink!!!"


so dinner came, she cooked...and then resorted to the next option :-

ok, she did try to drink the whole can of it...but i had to steal 1/2 a cup from say with 3/4 of a can, she drank, went to bed at 930pm...(ok, she complained that she was freakingly tirreedd)

an hour later again...

she's still wide awake!!

so 3rd option...resorted to a cup of chamomile tea...and a hot shower (again)...its 1230am now...and she's on her bed again...

lets all hope she finally gets her good night sleep for now...if not i reallie have to resort to punching her in the face and let her just fall unconsciously to sleep...haha...

hmm come to think of it...she'l practically survive houseman days in the future..haha =p

and wow this is the longest blog i've typed so far...wahaha...-_-""

*pictures were taken with a friend's canon ixus55...=)*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


only a paper down and i'm half dead...both physically and mentally,
there's a constant pounding feel in my head tht's not leaving me alone,
is it the blocked nose that i've been having since a few days ago,
or issit the brain telling me to stop looking at books already.

i've taken rest, but rest dun seem to help,
cause i can't even fall asleep,
and going to sleep doesn't even feel like going to sleep,
its body-torturing...especially towards my head!!

i've faced skin diseases and now i'm facing more microbes, kids and better still,
"mind games"...
and the more i read the more i feel like i'm turning into a pysch patient...

haha...this is an entry full of miscellaneous crap,
its the neurosis speaking...

yada yada...~

Sunday, January 10, 2010

if i could...

if only i could control time, and my desires,
i would bring myself back home just to be with u both...
(and that's bringin u back from the states too Will.)

missin you both~

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

and once again...

Good luck to you guys for the upcoming exams...=)