Thursday, November 25, 2010

what a calamity~

Dad yells "You're weak, you're very emotional and you have no confidence!", and mum says "All the things that u do are never right"...
dumbfounded with 2 eyes wide wide open...2 sentences that constantly rings at the back of my head either to build me or to break me...feels as if i'm a person that can never do something right despite the simpliest things no matter how much i try to change...

To be disappointed in myself or to be disappointed that i've not been given a chance to prove myself?

The feeling of being a calamity to others is eating me alive...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

...HO CHIAK!!!

Haha, another flyer that i manage to create (with of coz some help and creative ideas from jenna foooooooo).

Gosh, manager, u look sooo i just can't take my eyes off the flyer haha...and i'm sure it has the same effect to others as well...haha...(oh, and yes, i've made u extra FAMOUS in volgo already ;))

Ok, people...hurry and place your orders now!!! *wink*

Saturday, November 13, 2010

some love to share?

Needs a lil' dose of some loving...just a lil' more will do...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

pictures paint a thousand least i do think so

Just like in the music industry, u find different genres of music,
and just like in the food industry, different chefs recreate different tastes, different textures, different aromas.
Same goes for photography. Anyone can hold a camera, but each photographer takes different kinds of pictures. Different shots tell a different story, and i find myself resorting/trying to take pictures that do speak to the viewer...the picture that potrays the fun, the joy and the true expressions. I wanna capture that laughter, that giggle, that hit, that stare, that hug, that true meaningful kiss...

So all in all, i'm just a candid photographer...(at least i'm learning or trying to be one, haha)

enjoy my pictures on fb!! ^ ^

ps : this is a random post after having too much laughter for a night *wink*

thanks jenna ~*hearts*

Thursday, November 4, 2010


it's hard sometimes, to accept certain things that has occurred,
it's hard sometimes, to let go of someone whom you thought would have been the right one for you,
it's hard sometimes, to accept what others think of you,
it's hard sometimes, to put on that smiley face,
it's hard sometimes, to just let go of that ol' ol' friendship despite all the trouble it brings,
it's hard sometimes, to give up on certain things though you've tried your level best to,
it's hard sometimes, to resist temptations,
it's hard sometimes, to not be a hypocrite,
it's hard sometimes, to be nice,
it's hard sometimes, to just accept, forgive and forget,
it's hard sometimes, to just shut up and let time does its healing,
it's hard sometimes, to satisfy everyone so your ass isn't on the chopping block,
it's hard sometimes, to make you understand,
it's hard sometimes, to make myself understand,
it's hard sometimes, to understand who i've become,
it's so hard now, for me to trust anyone and just no one......