Tuesday, December 7, 2010

groove it yo' groove it...!

When you leave something "cute" such as a strawberry 'headphones/earmuffs' in the hands of a bunch of girls...


Thursday, December 2, 2010


i've got loving parents with very high expectations,
i've got ignorant but caring brothers,
i've got a new bunch of groupmates that constantly put that smile on my face and make me laugh so hard at times,
i've got guy groupmates who are like the most gentleman guys in the world,
i've got random morning class breakfast,
i've got a brand new fridge, and a huge one that is,
i've got a reli awesome cool place to live in,
i've got my own space, my own little world,
i've got a new fetish for trying out new recipes,
i've got a crazy,spunky roomie,
i've got crazy,lovely homies,
i've got cool friends around me, and all over the world,
i've got an awesome brown satchel,
i've got my own pair of brown brogues,
i've got a canon 50D,
i've got my itouch that constantly plays songs that get me on the go,
i've got comfy transportations to take me from my home to class in this blardy cold weather,
i've got random coffee sessions,
i've got a whole long list of x'mas shopping to do,
i've got my ticket to fly home for winter hols,
i've got lotsa makan-makan sessions coming up,
i've got yummy cupcakes and muffins at times,
i've got hot hot coffee in the mornings,
i've got refreshing morning prayer sessions,
i've a month more before i'm braces-free,
i've got a heart that can now beat normally,
i've got a body that is able to breath freely finally,
i've got my bestie-sister with me,
i've got my brothers and sisters of koinonia with me,
i've got YOU (yes, u! u, who r reading this!),
i've got the LORD JESUS with me!
how else more can i be blessed?
yes, i do feel blessed. i really am blessed.