Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dusted and ready to go...=p

*dust dust* *pooh*

Ok, i know that the blog has been abandoned ever since the end of my last paper...haha...see!! when u have all the time in the world to do things like blog, go out and take photos, do watever nonsense...you won't feel like doing...but everything seems to be an inspiration especially during the exam periods...-_-"

Well, i'm finally home...short one this time...but i'm not complaining...it'll be my final year soon and i'm just waiting to get it over with! *bah*

Been occupying myself with things to do since its a lil boring at home...d boy is away at national service (getting a lot of recognition from the people there coz he's a doctor...-_-"). Oh and him appearing in the Utusan Melayu regarding his participation...which the reporter wrote nothing but just pure bullshit in that article. Forgive me for my words but its just ridiculous on how you can compose such "wonderful" piece of utmost disgusting story for the nation to read. Apparently the boy told me that he did NOT even mention anything of what was written in that article. haha...who's surprise??

Most of me buddies are still away and partially coz i'm a little lazy to head out...but when i wana go out so badly there's no kaki to go with...pfft...talk bout "good brothers" that i have...tsk!

A junior of mine from uni passed away...and i'm deeply sadden by it...i was tongue tied...not knowing what to say to a good friend of mine who was at the incident and to see poor Prapa just drown in the Volga right in front of her...Prapa, i may have not known you well, but i do know that you're an amazing individual, one that everyone looks up to...and i regret for not getting to know you better. I'm glad that you're in a much better place now and i'll continue to pray for you and your family and friends =').

Was back home in SEKINCHAN during the weekends...took the new babe for a test drive around the paddy fields, and the fishing village...(you be the judge and tell me how the pics are aight =)) something really new, and am still not used to the 'multi-function' features that it has...haha...practice babeh practice and i'll get the hang of it~ oh yea~ but even to practice, hell, i need to get my lazy arse out of the house...so sayang!! i'm waiting for you to get to my place fasstttt!!!! LOL...

Wth...it was raining...and i ran to get the laundry in from the rain...and wth...i think i just had d utmost embarassing moment of my life...i ran, slipped and crash into the gate with a huge loud bang!!! and what's worse...IN FRONT OF THE FOREIGN WORKERS who are working in the house next to mine...-_- arrggghhhhh....

aih, and now to tend to the bruises...-_-""

Thursday, July 1, 2010

mixed feelings

Woohoo!!! i'm finally free after a whole month...yes, 30 days of mind cramming, energy wasting and mood swinging sessions...bah!! its all over !! I'm finally a 6th year student!!! Time just pass so quickly!! Seems like it was just last year that i arrived in volgograd, and poof...in a wink of an eye i'm already one step closer into the working world.

Well, as promised, the boy did bring me on a shopping spreeeeeee...=) got myself a skirt (wow!), a dress (lagi wow!) and a top...all from the boy...*muax* (ok, 'wow' sebab...well to those who know me well, Cherrie doesn't usually search or choose or hunt clothings like those while shopping...so yea...).

I'm still stuck in Volgograd (stupid russians!!). I'll be here till the 17th where after rushing to finish the ambulance exam, i'll be headed straight to the train station to catch the 5pm train to Moscow and then the next day to Bangkok and then its HOME SWEET HOME...see, so near yet so far...urgh!!

Truth be told, i'm not 100% the cheerful self of mine...though i may seem just like it in front of everybody. Never has my tear ducts been this active before for the past few days...The boy has left for home just this evening...I know that i'm not exactly the "clingy" kind...but to know that his presence won't be there 24/7 kinda sucks... I won't have anyone to hear my stupid complains, to tend to my stupid lame-o questions, to bear with just me coz i'm such a nuisance and a miserable individual...-_-", no more big huge smile in bed when i wake up on the weekends, no more evening walks, no more big hugs, no more racket-ball sessions in the evening (no one to push my swing too!!! haha). It has just been 5 hours since he left, and i'm already missing him alot...thoughts of all the fun times we had, all the silly things he did, and the times he pissed me off kept running through my head all the time...and only brings tears to my eyes...wth...ok, i shall stop being all softy now...cis!

Stupid national service...if it wasn't for you i would be able to spend time with the boy during my summer...grrr...

Anyways, on a happier note...i'm looking forward to more dinners, paintball, water-gun fights, bowling sessions and minum sessions...=) oh, yeshhh....

Sigh...i just got a sms from the boy.... Oh Cherrie, stop tearing already!! ish~

Darl, I miss you~