Saturday, August 22, 2009


Being together in the same class for only a year…no one can ever imagine how strong a bond we’ve developed with each other…be it the covelent bond ke, ionic bond, hydrogen bond (in memories of “William hung’s” chemistry class) …and whatever else that u can think of. Years have passed and I’m stil happy to say that we (not all la, at least still some =])still manage to meet up once every year (despite us being scattered all over the world)and what’s best is that the amount of fun and laughter that we have is just utterly amazing…n there’s that exact same feeling being in the class all over again. Well, here’s d post dedicated to u incorrigible people out there whether u’re in the pics in this post or not…I miss you all so much…and stay INCORRIGIBLE people!!

~Weng jean and Steph~

~Mr. Kok Wei Liang - so darn susah to get a proper pic of him~

~Andrew , Yoon Zhen, and Wei Liangzzz~

~Yan Rui and Praba~

~good ol' steph, weng jean and urs truly...~

and yes wei liang we see ur evil

ur' class monitor...(

Friday, August 21, 2009


I alwis had the intention to begin one…just tht I’ve never reallie forced myself into successfully completing the idea and the intention. Procrastination is ONE’S best fren they say(OK, MORE LIKE MINE THAT IS)…and I totally agree..I’m not so good with words and neither so in speech…and thru my pictures I hope that they do and can potray my 2 cents worth…yada yada~ =)