Tuesday, April 27, 2010

lollipopized yet?

After being so inspired by the new upcoming korean group ; BigBang (and 2ne1 i guess),

the bestie just had dis crazy idea of having a lollipop-themed paaarrrttaaayyyy...

Hence, the crazy weird yet cool hairstyles, and the colorful dressings....;P

D fab 8-Lady friends =*

Awesome party, Awesome food, Awesome company...Hopefully there'll be a Lollipop-2 on the way soon ;)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

all d way to kursk and back!!

all excited and pumped for the games!!
(despite having to sit in the bus for freaking 14 hours!!)

basketball girls 10'

badminton 10'

female futsal team 10'


d massive heavy awesome medals!!

Besides having a massive tonne of fun, adrenaline rushes, sweat, screamings and shoutings, laughters, breakdowns, muscle cramps and more injuries, i believe that to have met so many many friends (both old and new) is definitely the BEST PART of it all!! (my fb was bombarded with friend requests, comments, wall postsss...lol)

now, dis budak kecik-molek here is definitely a huge huge star in d upcoming few more games!!

ahhh....me darlingzzz =))

Ah, i've been playing for 5 years already to be exact...starting to feel that i do not have the stamina that i used to have...(even now tying my shoelaces is making me pant -_-"")...guess, its time to hang the good ol' faithful jersey...and make way for the new batch of sportswomen to take over my place...hehe =')


ps: thanks to the owners of some of the picz above for allowing me to share em with the rest of the world...hahaha... (bodoh budget blog famous sangat~ hah)

Friday, April 9, 2010

OH сметана и лук !!

I honestly never expected my birthday to be such a fun one...but it did turn out to be one of the best birthdays celebrations that i've ever had since my first year in Russia.

I had d best surprise birthday party EVER!!! Homies, and some friends were already at my place, rushing to cook, get dressed, and to put on those make-ups...all that done before i got home from russian class. Thanks so much u guys, (you know who you guys are) for taking the effort to do just so much for me!!! Appreciate it loads!! *touched*

ok, i noe that this pic is so wth...but that's the only shot to show me being surprised...-_-

receiving the present...^ ^

the awesome 3-paged birthday card

*highlighted ones are things yet to receive, or yet to achieve or are just never meant to be achieved*

haha, all by the fabulous 7 Lady-friends =)

d awesome, cool yet dangerous DRESS which i had to change into for d party...

d superb fish-themed dinner...=p
(OH, u sneaky-sneaky ones...!!)

d yummiest ever birthday 'bombs' made by the bestie!


and the torture began!!

and it went on and on...

and on...with CREAM and SPRING ONIONS!!!

hence the title of my post....-_-""

Japanese Birthday lunch treat by the boy...=)

the gifts i've received from the 7 Lady Friends, the boy, and Sofi...=p



Thank you so much to all who wished, celebrated, took all the effort, and to all who put that smile on my face on my birthday...thank you!!!


PS : To the 7-ladies...whoever's birthday is around the corner...berjaga-jaga lah!! grrrr.....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

during my absence

Was having a tough tough crazy stressing cycle (surgery) but thank God i still manage to keep myself sane...with more more food and more more cam-whoring sessions...(ok the cam-whoring sessions only started like a few days ago...haha)

sunday breakfast with the bF...

baking sessions...there's a huge plan coming up soonnnn~

Easter cakes (something u can only get in Russia during easter =])


And, once again...i've gone short !!!!!

haha, posing yang dah fail...lol...

with the boy

with ma sistazzz

ok, this is random...and i look like some evil person...*evil laughs*

OH!! and yes, i'm becoming more of a WOMAN!!! haha, wth...
and i never knew being a WOMAN sangat menyusah-kan lah!!
LOL...will blog more about it in the next...=)

I still want more cam-whoring sessions!!!! rawr!!!